.*Appears in cloud of purple sparkles*

Hey guys! I notice that a lot of editing has been going on lately. That's great, but I notice a lot of edits by the same users on the same articles. Editing so many times on the same article is wasteful and time consuming. Why not get it all done in one edit? That will make it easier for you and me!

So how do you make the most of your edits, and be the best editor you can be? I have some tips below:

  • Get it all done. When editing (or creating) a page, put all the information that is missing and you think needs to be there. If it lacks images and an infobox, it probably needs them.
  • Don't just put anything. Only put information you are sure is true. Remember others are reading these articles, and you don't want to mislead them, do you? If you feel you must put theoretical info on an article, make it clear that it's not solid facts.
  • Research! Check the Lego Friends site and other places that might have information on your article to gather new material. If you don't know where to look, just ask me ;) If you can't find enough information, you probably shouldn't bother writing about it.
  • Use your best spelling and grammar. Nothing is harder to read than an article with poor spelling and wording, even if the facts are well organized and true! So type carefully.
  • Don't stress! Just because I listed all those things, doesn't mean you should feel pressured. It's OK if you forget something or make a mistake. I do that all the time, and I'm a Bureaucrat!

So please, do your best, and keep your Administrators happy! Purplebrick333 - Admin (wall)