Theresa is one of the many minor LEGO Friends characters.


Stephanie, Andrea, Mia, Emma and Olivia all look up to Theresa. She's sophisticated, elegant and horse riding expert. Plus, they always see Theresa hanging out with her friends at the coolest spots in Heartlake City.

Theresa works at the Summer Riding Camp. She is a great teacher because she's passionate about helping others learn all about horses.

Theresa loves all the horses at the Heartlake Stables, but lazy, lovable Foxie is her favourite.

Favourite colour: Mint green

Favourite food: Sushi, Thai food

Hobbies: Horse riding, going to the theatre, karaoke

Favourite animal: Foxie, the horse

She is a unique minidoll, being the only minor Friends character with red hair.




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