The Trapped Foal is the second episode of Season 1 of the LEGO Friends webisodes.


Mia and Liza have to use a little horse power at the Sunshine Ranch.

Plot (Spoilers) Edit

The webisode opens at the Sunshine Ranch, where Mia and Liza are enjoying a feast of a brunch. But suddenly they hear a loud noise. The cousins run to the barn to find the source of the noise, only to discover Fame has been trapped behind the bales of hay!
The girls try to move the bales, but to no avail. Liza asks how he got trapped in the first place. Mia confesses that when she was playing with him earlier she forgot to close the stable door. Liza states that she had warned Mia about leaving doors open at the Ranch.
We then see that Charlie, Clara and Cream have all got loose and subsequently began taking food.
This prompts Mia to question whether or not they closed the kitchen door. Liza is embarrassed to admit she didn't close the door, and knows that their brunch - "from the good old days" - has likely been eaten by the farm animals.
Fame whinnies, reminding the girls that he's still trapped. But then Mia has an idea. Her plan is to use horsepower to free Fame, and also save them from using big heavy farm equipment. Liza ties a rope to one of the bales, while Mia ties the another rope to Blaize's saddle. Mia throws the end of the rope over a beam above them and hooks it onto the bale of hay. They lead Blaize away from the bales, which pulls the bale up, freeing Fame. The young foal runs out, with a little encouragement from Mia.
The pair of them comfort Fame and turn around, only to see Cream, Charlie and Clara all lying their after eating the food. Mia expresses how hungry she is, but once Charlie starts barking the girls simply laugh, closing the webisode.

Errors Edit

  • The webisode description calls Liza Stephanie.

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