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The Greatful Dud is the 11th episode of LEGO Friends, Season 2.

Plot Edit

One Saturday Morning, Olivia and Mia helped Aunt Sophie in her Veterinary Clinic. After Olivia ended a call in front desk, Aunt Sophie cured Stephanie and Andrea's bunnies, Daisy and Jazz. Then Olivia asked Sophie if Stephanie and Andrea stop cuddling and say something sweet with their bunnies, and Sophie answered they will stop if their distracted and Sophie calls Emma next in line. Then Andrea ask Mia that she is working in saturdays too and Mia anwered yes and said she was earning a little extra money to buy her horse a new sattle and Stephanie invited her friends to meet them in Heartlake Cupcake Cafe (which they called Cupcake Heaven). While their leaving, a woman carrying her bulldog came in, crashing the door and saying there's a calamity then said her dog was sad.

Then Olivia wondered why her dog is sad. Then Mia comes in Front Desk and look the dog and saw a splinter at the paw and Mia pull it out. Then the woman is so happy that her dog is happy and she said Mia was a "saint". Mia said it was a part of being veterinarian but the woman said she was really a "saint". Then she hug Mia and said "I Love this Girl!" and leave the clinic, crashing the door. After she leave, Sophie asked what is that loud noise. Then Mia said " I'am not sure, a human hurricane?!" After that interruption, Mia & Sophie take a ride in the Horse Vet Trailer and Mia said it was larger than her House.

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