Tanya is a recurring character in the LEGO Friends franchise.


Tanya is the rival of Stephanie. They are very much alike but Tanya is more snobbish. Tanya likes baking, singing, and bossing. She has a band with her friends called the Teardrops. 


Tanya appears in Emma's Dilemma with 3 friends: a girl with curly blond hair, one with wavy black hair and brown eyes, and another with straight red hair named Zoe. Though the blond has not been seen since, the other two continue to help Tanya with all her schemes.




  • Live From Backstage - Season 2 episode 7
  • Not Just Baking -  Season 2 episode 30
  • The Tale of Two Parties - Season 2 episode 43
  • Uneasy Rider
  • The Costume Party

Girlz 4 Life Edit

In the film, Tanya tries to get a demo of her song to her sister, Megan, who is Livi's manager. She also helps Megan, but she mostly is just bossed around by her.

LEGO Friends: The Power of FriendshipEdit

In the Netflix series, Tanya appears as a rival and the daughter of Mayor Butaire. She has a basketball team called the Glams, who wear pink uniforms with an octopus on the front.

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