Stephanie's Cool Convertible is a set released in January 2012. It is now retired.


Cruise in style with Stephanie’s Cool Convertible!

Hop into the coolest ride in Heartlake City to pick up the LEGO Friends for a road trip full of fun and adventure! Stephanie loves cruising in her Cool Convertible. Help her wash it to a sparkle and load her neighbour's puppy into the backseat! Then take the LEGO Friends to the beauty shop, to the beach, or go on a road trip with the girls!

Includes Stephanie minidoll figure and dog Coco.

Possibilities Edit

  • Features carwash, bench and streetlamp
  • Carwash includes water tap, bucket and brush
  • Accessories include MP3 player, purse and hair accessory pack with bows, sunglasses, a hairdryer, hairbrush and a mirror
  • Wash the Cool Convertible with the carwash!
  • Customize your style with the hair accessory pack!

LFChE Edit

Stephanie is always planning parties, sleepovers and adventures, so she often needs to get somewhere in a hurry. That's why she jumps into her cool convertible. It's a fast car, but don't worry - Stephanie's a very safe driver!

She's a busy girl, but Stephanie always makes time to clean her car. Her neighbour's dog, Coco, helps out, too.

Stephanie delivers cupcakes in her car. She watches cake decorating videos on repeat to learn new techniques.

Fun Facts Edit

  • This set is the first car of the Friends theme.

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