"Don't worry, everything's under control. Well, almost."
"I love getting things done!"
"Water Scooter at the beach today. YOLO!"
"Nothing beats building with a Friend!"
"Let's get organized!"
"I had the best surprise party ever!"
Stephanie is part of the LEGO Friends franchise. She is one of the five main characters of the theme.


Playing soccer, flying a seaplane or baking cupcakes - whatever Stephanie does, she likes to be in charge. She might seem a little bossy, but Stephanie is a loyal and supportive friend.

Super-organized, smart and natural leader, Stephanie is the go-to girl for party planning. She never forgets her friends' birthdays and spoils them with surprises and homemade cakes.

Stephanie edits the school magazine, The Heartlaker. She's getting all her friends involved, too.

Favourite colour: Pink

Favourite food: Anything homemade

Hobbies: Writing, football, learning to play electric guitar

Favourite animal: Daisy, her rabbit, Coco, her neighbour's dog


Stephanie is outgoing and very confident. In fact, she is the one who brought her friends together. Stephanie is also an organization freak, and does not like having her plans messed up. She can also be extremely competitive, and sometimes thinks things are a competition when they are not. 

Stephanie enjoys organizing events and writing. She writes Heartlake High's newspaper, called "What's at Heart?". One of her favorite pastimes is baking, especially cupcakes. She enjoys creating and combining flavors of cake and frosting.  Stephanie has a rabbit named Daisy, a dog named Coco, and two hamsters named Harry and Heidi.


Stephanie likes Nate, who has a huge crush on her. She also sometimes takes advantage of that to make him do things for her.

According to the LEGO Friends books, Mia is Stephanie's cousin, but as that contradicts the episode canon, it is largely ignored.

Family and Friends (related to "Relationships"↑)

Stephanie is the daughter of Alicia (pronounced UH-lee-sha or Uh-leash-ə as the English-language pronunciation/English pronunciation, as Americanized, and not "A-lee-sia" with "sia" like "see-uh"/see-ə like the Spanish-language name, which is the Spanish version of the name "Alice" in translation); and also the daughter of James. While her parents are never given a family name in the series, Stephanie is known to have a happy and loving family. She is also related to Mia, as a cousin, who also happens to be one of the five best friends.

Her best friends consist of Mia, Olivia, Andrea, and Emma. Though not one of the Five Main Friends, she is also a close friend to Naomi and a girl named Fiona, as well as being "frenemies" with Tanya, also known as Tanya Butaire. She also appears to be best friends with her boyfriend Nate, as they have a close relationship.

Stephanie is very social and very open to anyone, excluding, as except for Tanya and her relatives. Though excluding Tanya for the most part, she is not fully enemies with her, being on the "frenemy scale" so to speak. This "frenemy" scale rates the two as being slightly comptatable but easy to make competition with each other. As related to the Mayor, Tanya often gets her way, much to Stephanie's annoyance, because being the daughter of the leader of the city means she has great wealth; which examples of Tanya getting her way for her fame and extra power are shown in the "LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship" episode "Roomies", along with the YouTube webisode "Baguettes Feast", and this is shown in "Baguettes Feast" that since Tanya's father was the producer of the ballet tree play, he made his daughter the lead role instead. In the Netflix exclusive episode, or technically webisode, "Roomies", Tanya's father had called the director and had Tanya as the main part in a history play-slash-show. As a result of being cousins, Stephanie's parents are Mia's aunt and uncle.


Stephanie is a kindhearted, genuinely friendly and good-natured girl. Though she is at times somewhat bossy. She's mostly in a way optimistic, though when push comes to shove, gets irrrorated and sometimes saddened at what goes around with Tanya in her way, as a result, she can get competitive, angry, and easily defeatist. Stephanie appears to view friendship as the most important thing in the world to her, even in "Stephanie's Surprise Party" was shown to be depressed about her friends going behind her back and keeping secrets from her; thus so determined to go as far as to spy on her friends, which she is not at all above doing. Stephanie is proactive and organized, being the official party planner of the main LEGO Friends group. She is shown to be closest with her cousin Mia, to which the latter has a close bond with her, and not for only the reason of being related. She may be not related to Mia in the cartoon series, as in the webisodes, the TV specials, and "The Power of Friendship", as it might take in a different set of place of line of Heartlake City than minifigure mini-doll series and books. Stephanie is even shown for her favorite food to be cupcakes.


Stephanie is fair-skinned with bright dark blond hair, perked peach-colored lips, and blue eyes. Though shown to wear one particular outfit in the cartoon series originally, she has started to wear a different variety of clothing in the LEGO Friends movie: "Girlz 4 Life", the later webisodes as Season 2 and Season 3, and "LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship". Her original design outfit was a white tank top with pink flower designs, a hot pink skirt, and white-and-pink sneakers without socks. Her hair is straight and worn all naturally and down, with no clips, headbands, or ponytails. Stephanie is shown to easily get up in dresses for special occassions even when the event isn't true or needed such as the episode "Dog Late Afternoon".





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