Sophie or Aunt Sophie is Olivia and Matthew's aunt. She works as a veterinarian in Heartlake City with Mia and Sasha. She appears in two lego friends sets, 41058 Heartlake Shopping Mall and the Heartlake Vet .



Sophie has straight dark-saddle brown hair, wearing a turquoise vet-like uniform and pink skirt and white shoes. In Heartlake Vet, she wears the same outfit of her original appearance, with light nougat hand and legs. She also wears a turquoise pillbox hat.

In Heartlake Shopping Mall, she wears a white turban, white skirt, bright red-violet shirt, white blazer with bright red-violet buttons and purple shoes.She also wears a mask clay.


Sophie is kind, beautiful vet who works at the Animal Center. Sophie does not have any children yet, as it is not shown in the episode. She is also a hard-working vet.sophie is generous ,polite.

Episodes Appeared InEdit


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