Slam Dunk is the second episode of LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship and the eleventh overall.


With their basketball season headed for disaster, the friends get some much needed help from an unexpected source.

Plot (Spoilers) Edit

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The beginning introduces the Streaks, the basketball team consisting of Mia, Stephanie, Andrea, Emma and Naomi. After Emma accidentally scores an goal for the opposing team, Olivia's aunt Sophie stops the game. Tanya and her team the Glams walk in, and Andrea "welcomes" her with "well, well, well. It's the wicked witch and her flying monkeys!" To be continued...

Fun Facts Edit

  • Olivia's winning shot is shown in a flashback in Midwinter Night's Dream.
  • The girls' basketball numbers are as follows: Mia - 12, Stephanie - 23, Emma - 9, Andrea - 5, and Naomi - 7.
  • Olivia starts playing with the the Streaks during the episode. She borrowed Naomi's t-shirt.