Olivia's Treehouse was one of the sets released in January of 2012. It is now retired.

This set builds a tree with a ladder, deck, railing, and a telescope stand in the middle and a rope ladder leading to a "crow's nest" on top. At the base of the tree is a box with crystals hidden by greenery. The tree can be decorated with flowers, butterflies, and ladybugs included in the set. It also builds a bench, flowers, a birdhouse, and a cat bed.


When Olivia and her friends want to chilli out by themselves, they head to their own private tree house. Here, they can catch up on the latest news, tell each other secrets and plan their next adventure.

Olivia found the tree house in her backyard. Emma, Mia, Stephanie and Andrea helped her to fix it. The ladder is the only way to get inside.

During the summer, Olivia and her friends often have sleepovers in the tree house. Olivia fixed the telescope so they can study stars together.

The tree house is the perfect place to hide girls' treasures. This secret box is cleverly concealed underneath some leaves.

At the tree house, the girls add to their special scrapbook with stories of their friendship and adventures.

Fun Facts Edit

  • The tree house is based on a red oak tree.
  • Stray cat Maxie has his own bed at the tree house.