Olivia's Science Show was a very brief series in the Lego Friends webisodes produced and hosted by Olivia. It only ran two episodes, both in season 1, in episodes 4 and 13. Why the series has never been continued is unknown to fans.

Episodes are listed in order of release.

Olivia's Science Show - Official SummaryEdit

Olivia tapes a science show, with a little help from Mia's lemonade stand - and special effects!

Fun FactEdit

This webisode features the set Mia's Lemonade Stand.

Icy Science Show - SummaryEdit

Olivia makes a new (and improved! - sort of) episode of her show and, with some assistance from Emma, shows how to make super cool (pun not intended) ice creations!

Fun FactEdit

This webisode features the polybag set Friends Ice Cream Stand.

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