Olivia's Science Show is the fourth episode of Season 1 of the LEGO Friends webisodes.


Olivia tapes a science show, with a little help from Mia's lemonade stand - and special effects!

Plot (Spoilers)Edit

Olivia starts by welcoming us to her science show. After a quick blast of her theme music, Olivia mentions that she has special effects, and throws confetti. Olivia continues, saying that today the show is all about secret messages. She explains that no invisible ink is required, and that it's possible to write a secret message using only common household ingredients. Olivia says the most important ingredient is lemons.
We cut to Olivia on her scooter, telling us a little about the history of lemons. Apparently, lemons have been cultivated since the first century.
When Olivia arrives at Mia's lemonade stand she says that Mia's lemonade is the best in town. Mia is pleased to hear this, and asks Olivia how many cups she wants. But when Olivia says she doesn't want any Mia is surprised. Olivia explains that she just needs lemons. Olivia gets three lemons from Mia and mentions that Mia gives the profits from her lemonade stand to charity and that she is currently donating to a hedgehog charity.
Back on her scooter, Olivia goes into the health benefits of lemons. But as she continues Olivia begins to lose track of what she is saying because she spots Jacob. Olivia says hello, but starts to blush.
Now in her classroom, Olivia lists everything needed for the experiment. She mixes the ingredients and rights her message out. Olivia explains the science behind why the message will be revealed under a light.
Then she thanks us for watching and closes the show.

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