3315 Olivia's House was released in 2012.

It contains accessories such as a lawnmower, a barbecue, and a vegetable garden. The large house includes a bathroom, Olivia's bedroom, the kitchen, the loungeroom, and a relaxing area on the roof.


There's no place like home, especially when it's as fabulous as Olivia's house. Olivia lives at Number 30, Heartlake Heights, with her mum, Anna, and her dad, Peter. Her friends often hang out here, too.

There is always plenty going on at Olivia's house: Olivia's mum is making dinner, Olivia is writing her diary and Olivia's dad is busy, too - relaxing!

Olivia and her parents like to sit back and watch films together. Olivia's favourites are science fiction films.

When Olivia needs a quiet place to think, she heads to her outdoor swing.

Olivia thinks her room is great - it has a balcony with pretty views and a desk for her laptop and journals.

Funny Facts Edit

  • Olivia's cat, Kitty, lives here, too.


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