Olivia is a part of the LEGO Friends franchise. She is one of the five main characters of the theme.

Official Bio

Meet Olivia.

Olivia loves everything that has to do with coding, gadgets, inventions, engineering and mechanics. She’s a bit of a “Mad Scientist”, but she only uses her powers for good. Need to get out of a tight spot? She’ll create a device or robot to fix it. Her online networks help her with her experiments, but she loves that her real life friends can lure her out of the lab, too. Sometimes you just have to dance crazy with your BFFs.

Loves: SCIENCE, Using everyday things for new inventions, learning everything about everything.

Not so crazy about: people who don’t think before they act, or don’t understand why she used THEIR things to build a new invention…

Fun Facts

  • It is quite possible that Olivia was named after a Scala character of the same name. Scala was a predecessor to Friends, however, the theme ended in 2001.
  • Olivia's mother is a police officer and part of the mounted division (her callsign is Mounted Unit 185).
  • Although Olivia is seen in the show with her hair in a plait, her minidoll has a braid at the front instead.
  • Olivia idolised Dr Alvah, before discovering her heroine was evil.
  • Olivia has a pet - Rumble, the hamster.




  • Olivia's Remote Control Boat (30403)


  • Olivia's Satellite Pod (853774)



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