"Learn from yesterday, but live for today."
"Nothing beats a day on the Dolphin Cruiser."
"I love watching documentaries about robots and animals!"
"My favorite color is blue! I like it because it is calm and pretty."
"Fun and Games are like milk and cookies. They just go together."

Olivia is one of the five main characters of LEGO Friends.


Friends Character Encyclopedia

Olivia is a science genius - she loves inventing, building and discovering how things work. Her friends are in awe of her amazing brain, but she's sweet and fun, too. When she's not in her workshop, Olivia likes to explore nature.

Olivia loves being outdoors, especially when science or maps are involved. She likes to discover new facts, such as the names of interesting trees.

Olivia's best subjects at school are science and math, but she wishes she could be better at writing stories, like Stephanie.

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite food: Strawberries

Hobbies: Inventing, building, computer programming, surfing

Favourite animal: Scarlett, her puppy, Kitty, her cat

Character (2016 Update)

"Science to the rescue!"

Olivia is a little shy, but is very sweet and is also smart and creative. She loves science, especially geology and technology, and enjoys doing experiments and inventing. She also has an interest in history. She plays the keyboard and does the recording for her friends' band, Heart Beat. Her favorite color is pink, her favorite animal the platypus, and her favorite food barbecue.


Olivia has a brown puppy named Scarlet, a white cat, and a "pet" robot she calls Zobo. According to the "Finding the pets" videos, she has two other robots by the names of Zobito and Zuzu, sort of like a "family line" of robots, with Zobo being the father, Zuzu the mother, and Zobito the baby.


Olivia's four best friends are Andrea, Emma, Mia, and Stephanie. Other friends include Kate, Liza, Naomi, Christina, Nicole, Liam and Ben. She has a crush on Jacob, who likes her in return. They have gone on a couple dates.

Fun Facts

  • Olivia's eye color kept changing on her minidoll, going from an orangish color to brown to a lighter brown and back to the darker brown, which is the color it is now. This caused much confusion among fans.
  • Olivia's oringinal skirt piece is one of the most used minidoll pieces in the sets.




LEGO Friends (TV series)

LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship


Olivia appeared with Emma, Andrea, Mia, and Stephanie for the first and currently only notable crossover that LEGO has created, which was with the LEGO News Network series.

In this special on the LEGO YouTube channel Dan Brickman and Helen travel to Heartlake City (the Adventure Camp to be precise), where Dan Brickman and Helen find the true meaning of Friendship (but even though their friendship comes out better, the most important rule, even for Dan, is to be yourself).


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