Nicole is an old friend of Olivia's from before she moved to Heartlake City. Although it can be hard to keep in touch, they have remained close friends. Nicole keeps Olivia up-to-date with her adventures via text, email and video chat. 

Nicole is an outdoor girl and loves to go camping with Olivia. They go surfing, cycling and search for animal prints. They end the day singing around the campfire. 

Olivia has told Nicole all about her new friends. Nicole secretly thinks that she would like outdoorsy Mia the best! 

Favourite food: Blueberry pancakes

Hobbies: Surfing, mountain biking, jogging

Fun FactsEdit

  • Nicole's torso piece is unique to her minidoll - no other figure has it.
  • She is a unique minidoll, with Lily being one of the 2 only minor Friends character with the black ponytail hair. The only other appearance is in Butterfly Beauty Shop and Heartlake Hair Salon as the wig.


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