"One strawberry smoothie coming up."

Naya is one of the minor characters of Friends.


When she's not whipping up tasty fresh drinks at the Heartlake Juice Bar, Naya can be found surfing the waves at Ambersands Beach. She's a free spirit and the girls admire her fun attitude.

Naya takes pride in her work - she spends ages concocting the perfect juice and making it look fabulous.

Naya is considering her career options. She thinks she might like to travel the world, helping people in need.

Favourite food: My special kale, lemon and ginger juice

Hobbies: Surfing, playing the saxophone

She is the boss and a friend of Andrea in the Juice Bar.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Naya, Sandraand Laurie are the only other characters, besides Mia herself, who have Mia's 2012-2015 face.
  • In the LEGO Friends Character Encyclopedia Naya has Olivia's 2012-2015 face, but in the other sets she has Mia's. It is unknown how or why this happened.


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Naya (right) with (from left to right) Kate, Stephanie, and Andrea.