Naomi is a recurring LEGO Friends character. She was introduced in 2016.


Naomi loves working at the Cupcake Café and playing basketball. She is best known for her monotone voice and being a bit clumsy without her glasses.

In the webisode "Ya Gotta Love Heartlake City", Ms Stevens introduces Naomi to the class and states that the Mayor is her uncle. This would mean that she is related to the Butaires. However, it is unknown if the mayor is the brother of Naomi's mother or father; or if she is related through Mrs. Butaire instead. Naomi is the kindest relative in the Butaire family, even kinder than Mrs. Butaire, the latter who is very kind despite her husband and daughters being rather unkind.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Naomi's hair and head are unique to her in LEGO Friends, however both have been used in other themes.
  • Naomi is the first, and so far only, minor character to appear in a polybag.
  • Naomi speaks in a monotone voice, making it difficult to know what her emotional state is.
  • Naomi can't go on boats because she gets seasick easily.
  • In the episode Slam Dunk, it appears Naomi is short sighted, because she can't see the basketball hoop or read in the distance without wearing her glasses.
  • It appears Naomi can speak French, since she corrects Fiona's incorrect use of the word garçon in The Grateful Dud.
  • Depending on how Naomi is related to the Butaires, her full name could be Naomi Butaire.



Polybags Edit

  • Gymnastic Bar (30400)