Ms. Maggie Stevens is one of the many minor characters of Friends.


Ms. Stevens is teaches at Heartlake High and she's passionate about the subject. She's a stickler for the students handing homework in on time, but only because she cares. She wants them to be able to follow their dreams.

Ms. Stevens might be strict sometimes, but she's a popular teacher. She inspires her students to do experiments and explore the amazing world of science.

Maggie Stevens sees great potential in Olivia. She thinks she will be a talented scientist one day.

Favourite colour: Lilac

Favourite food: Chicken casserole, pumpkin pie

Hobbies: Crosswords, learning Spanish

Favourite animal: Hoo, the school owl


In a webisode, it is shown that she and Chef Pierre (from The Grand Hotel) are in love with each other. There have been no further developments of that, however.



  • Heartlake High



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