Mrs. Butaire is one of the many minor characters of LEGO Friends. She is yet to appear in any sets.

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Mrs. Butaire is married to Mayor Butaire, and is well off, having often been seen in fancy attire.

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Mrs. Butaire is friends with Alicia (shown in the episode "Change of Address" and in the webisode "Mothers Day All the Way" they talk kindly to each other as if they were good/close friends). Mrs. Butaire has never been an enemy to Stephanie unlike her daughters. She is the kindest person in the Butaire family followed by Naomi. She even kindly decides to remind Mr. Snivel of this by calling him on the phone, before firing him. However she can be bossy at times. For example: firing Mr. Snivel because he was supposed to be the limo driver but he failed to drive her and Alicia safely to Heartlake City he simply abandoned them, but she still remains kind.

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