"Let's get to work!"
"I love taking care of animals."
"My dream is that everyone would treat animals with kindness."
"You need to be a Friend to have a Friend."
"Never reveal your magic tricks!"
"Live, love, care and be kind."
"I just get along with animals really well."
"New puppy patient coming in, Sophie!"
"OK, I'll groom Fame and then saddle up Bella!"
"And now for my next trick..."
"Time to head off on our adventure!"
"I think I see dolphins guys!"
Mia is part of the LEGO Friends franchise. She is one of the five main characters of the theme. This version of the character last appeared in 2015.


Mia is an animal lover and is happiest when she's riding her horse, Bella. She likes to be outdoors - whether it's kayaking, skateboarding, or mountain biking. Mia is also caring and kind, and will look after anyone or anything that needs her help.

Animals are very important to Mia and she often helps out at the Heartlake Vet and the Stables. She dreams of becoming a vet or an animal psychologist.

Favorite food: Beetroot crisps, ice cream, müsli

Hobbies: Horse riding, magic, skateboarding, playing drums

Fun Facts

  • Three characters, besides Mia herself, use Mia's head piece: Laurie, Naya and Sandra.




  • Skateboarder Mia (30101)
  • Summer Picnic (30108)