For the 2018 set of the same name, see Mia's Bedroom (41327).

Mia's Bedroom is a set released in the summer of 2012. It is now retired.


Hang out and make music in Mia's Bedroom

Mia is learning to play the drums and practices on her very own drum set in her bedroom. Crank up the radio and keep the beat to her favorite songs! Then stretch out on her bed and write in her diary. Keep Mia's diary tucked safely away in her bedside table and hide her letters inside!

Includes Mia mini-doll figure.

Possibilities Edit

  • Features table, bed and drum set
  • Accessories include radio, vase, table, lamp, diary and basket
  • Store Mia's diary in the bedside table!
  • Hide a special letter inside of Mia's diary or in the drawer!
  • Rock out on the drums to Mia's favorite radio songs!