"Let's get to work!"

"I love taking care of animals."
"My dream is that everyone would treat animals with kindness."
"You need to be a Friend to have a Friend."
"Never reveal your magic tricks!"
"Live, love, care and be kind."
"I just get along with animals really well."
Mia is part of the LEGO Friends franchise. She is one of the five main characters of the theme.


Mia is an animal lover and is happiest when she's riding her horse, Bella. She likes to be outdoors - whether it's kayaking, skateboarding, or mountain biking. Mia is also caring and kind, and will look after anyone or anything that needs her help.

Animals are very important to Mia and she often helps out at the Heartlake Vet Centre and the Stables. She dreams of becoming a vet or an animal psychologist.

Favorite food: Veggies!

Hobbies: Horse riding, magic, skateboarding, playing drums

Favorite animal: Bella, her horse and her dog, Toffee


Mia is friendly, helpful, and adventurous, but can get upset rather easily. She loves animals and nature and enjoys caring for both. Mia works at the Heartlake Vet and the Vet Clinic with Sophie, and at the Riding Club. She is a vegetarian and likes healthy foods. Mia also enjoys sports and skateboarding. She has red, auburn hair, honey-brownish amber-like eyes, and light peach-colored freckles covering her face.


Mia has four best friends: Andrea, Emma, Olivia and Stephanie. Mia is also friends with Andrew, Katharina, Jacob, Danielle, Matthew, Maya, Daniel, Liam, and Kate. Mia owns a total of three pets; two dogs, Toffee and Charlie, and a horse, Bella. Mia has a crush on Martin, and he returns her affection. According to the Ultimate Sticker Collection: LEGO Friends and Brickmaster Friends, Stephanie is her cousin.


  • Joy is the only other Friends character with red hair.




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