Megan Butaire or Megan is one of the many minor characters of LEGO Friends. She is yet to appear in any sets.

LEGO Friends (TV Series)Edit

In Andrea's Big Moment, Megan can be spotted a few times in the background, usually near Livi. She appears to be her manager in this episode as well.

Girlz 4 LifeEdit

In the Friends movie, Megan is desperate for a new hit for Livi. This moves her to steal the Friends' song called "Girlz". But when Livi finds out, Megan gets fired. This boots her out permanently, of course, no longer working there for Livi.

LEGO Friends: The Power of FriendshipEdit

In the Netflix series, Megan is still Livi's manager, but is not corrupt as of now.