"All hands on deck!"

Maya is one of the LEGO Friends minor characters.


Ever since the first time she went sailing, Maya has been boat crazy. She loves exploring the wide blue sea, so when she won a contest to join the Dolphin Cruiser dolphin research mission, it was a dream come true.

On the Dolphin Research Mission, Maya made a new friend, Mia. Maya is an expert sailor and Mia is an animal expert, so together they make a great team.

Maya has heard that Mia is setting up a band - she'd like to join. Maya is a wonderful trumpeter and loves to be the centre of attention.

Favourite food: Toasted cheese sandwiches and green salad

Hobbies: Sailing, water-skiing, playing the trumpet

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Fun Facts Edit

  •  Maya's name sounds like Naya's, but they are totally different characters.
  •  She is a unique minidoll, being the only minor Friends character with black Stephanie style hair.
  •  Her brother is Franco (it says in the webisode “Skater Dogs”).