Martin is a minor character of LEGO Friends.


Martin originally appeared in Mia's Ranch Romance as a son of neighbour of Mia's grandparents - he lives with his dad next door to Sunshine Ranch. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is Mia's love interest, and he seems to return it. He also appears in "LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship" and wants to compete with Mia in "Camp Wild Hearts". He also makes several cameos, appearing in Friends of the Jungle and The Grateful Dud, in the webisodes Dare Dare, Giddy Up, and Uneasy Rider, plus in Mia's tour video.
 Martin and Mia have shown that there is a feeling for each other. They have shown this in Mia's Ranch Romance (also known as Country Girls) and The Power of Friendship. In The Power of Friendship, Martin declines one of Mia's offers to go and play archery. She runs off crying, this is the only bad moment in their relationship.