2012 Advent Calendar (3316)2012 Polybags3931 Emma's Splash Pool
3932 Andrea's Stage3934 Mia's Puppy House3936 Emma's Fashion Design Studio
3938 Andrea's Bunny House3939 Mia's Bedroom3942 Heartlake Dog Show
41001 Mia's Magic Tricks41002 Emma's Karate Class41008 Heartlake Pool
41009 Andrea's Bedroom41013 Emma's Sports Car41028 Emma's Lifeguard Post
41031 Andrea's Mountain Hut41035 Heartlake Juice Bar41097 Heartlake Hot Air Balloon
41102 Advent Calendar (2015)41105 Pop Star Show Stage41110 Birthday Party
41112 Party Cakes41113 Party Gift Shop41114 Party Styling
41115 Emma's Creative Workshop41117 Pop Star TV Studio41120 Adventure Camp Archery
41123 Foal Washing Station41127 Amusement Park Arcade41134 Heartlake Performance School
41135 Livi's Pop Star HouseAdventure Camp Rafting (41121)Adventure Camp Treehouse (41122)
Adventure Camper (3184)AliciaAll we need is juice
AmandaAmusement Park Arcade (41127)Amusement Park Bumper Cars (41133)
Amusement Park Hot Dog Van (41129)Amusement Park Roller Coaster (41130)Amusement Park Space Ride (41128)
AmyAndreaAndrea's Big Moment
Andrea's Friendship SongAndrea's Musical Duet (41309)Andrea's Speedboat Transporter (41316)
AndrewAnnaBest Friends Forever
Book Character EncyclopediaButterfly Beauty Salon (3187)Camp Wild Hearts
Change of AddressChef PierreChloe
ChristinaCity Park Café (3061)Cole
Country GirlsDanielDanielle
Dolphin CruiseDolphin Cruiser (41015)Downtown Bakery (41006)
Dr. PatelDream BoyzElla
EmmaEmma's DilemmaEmma's Horse Trailer (3186)
Emma's Perfect Photo DayEmma's Photo Studio (41305)Ewa
Exploring LEGO Friends 2017Forever UsFriends Are Forever
Friends of the JungleGetting Out the VoteGetting the Message
Girlz 4 LifeGrand Hotel (41101)Hands In the Air
Heart BeatHeartlake CityHeartlake City Playground (41325)
Heartlake Cupcake Café (41119)Heartlake Flying Club (3063)Heartlake Gift Delivery (41310)
Heartlake Hospital (41318)Heartlake Party Shop (41132)Heartlake Pet Salon (41007)
Heartlake Pizzeria (41311)Heartlake Puppy Daycare (41124)Heartlake Riding Club (41126)
Heartlake Sports Center (41312)Heartlake Stables (3189)Heartlake Summer Pool (41313)
Heartlake Supermarket (41118)Heartlake Surf Shop (41315)Heartlake Vet (3188)
Isabella (twin sister)IzzyJacob
Jungle Rescue Base (41038)KateKate's Island
KatharinaKeepin' It RealLEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship
LEGO Friends (TV series)LEGO Friends (group)LEGO Friends (webisodes)
LEGO Friends WikiLEGO SetsLacey
LiviLiving For the RhythmLiza
MatthewMayaMayor Boutaire
MeganMiaMia's Beach Scooter (41306)
Mia's Magic Tricks (41001)Mia At WorkMiscellaneous Characters
Mr. MayorMrs. ButaireMs. Stevens
NayaNew Girl in TownNicole
Olivia's Creative Lab (41307)Olivia's Exploration Car (41116)Olivia's Friendship Experiment
Olivia's House (3315)Olivia's Inventor's Workshop (3933)Olivia's Science Show
Olivia's Speedboat (3937)Olivia's Treehouse (3065)Party Train (41111)
PeterPuppy Championship (41300)Puppy Pampering (41302)
Puppy Parade (41301)Puppy Playground (41303)Puppy Treats and Tricks (41304)
Quest BicepRabbitouilleRanch Romance
RobertRoomiesSY151C Stephanie's Pet House
SarahSlam DunkSnow Resort Hot Chocolate Van (41319)
Snow Resort Off Roader (41321)Snow Resort Ski Lift (41324)Sophie
StephanieStephanie's Cool Convertible (3183)Stephanie's Friendship Cakes (41308)
Stephanie's House (41314)Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery (3930)Stephanie's Pet Patrol (3935)
Stephanie's Surprise PartySummer Riding Camp (3185)Sunshine Catamaran (41317)
SusanTanyaThe B.E.A.T
The Drooling DetectiveThe Grand HotelThe Grateful Dud
The Mystery of the Missing FruitThe Trapped FoalTheresa
TogetherVet Horse Trailer (41125)Wait…Is This Like, a Date?
We Can Do ItYou Gotta Love Heartlake CityZoe

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