Livi is a minor character of LEGO Friends.


Livi was introduced in 2015. She is a pop star whom all the Friends admire, especially Andrea. Livi is mostly friendly and humble, although in Andrea's Big Moment, she acts rather cold and almost mean. Fans believe that this coldness was a result of pressure. In the webisodes, though, she acts more as a friend to the girls, and does not care much for all the attention and fame. She wrote some of the songs played in the episodes, including Best Friends Forever. She has a pet Dalmatian that she has had since she was little named Cookie.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her hair is the same as Ariel's from Disney Princess, but pink.
  • Livi's face and many of her outfit pieces are unique to her minidolls.
  • Her manager was Tanya's older sister, Megan Boutaire, who got fired.
  • She is the only LEGO Friends character who has violet eyes.
  • Cookie, her pet dog, has lavender eyes and one of his spots is shaped like a musical note.

Appearances Edit




  • Life of Livi - Season 2 Episode 20
  • A Bubbly Personality
  • A Studio of Fun 
  • Superstar Quiz
  • Skater Dogs
  • A Friendly New Year - Season 2 Episode 53


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