"Be brave, be yourself, and show the world who you are."

Livi is a recurring LEGO Friends character. She was introduced in 2015.


Livi is a pop star whom all the Friends admire, especially Andrea. She is usually friendly and humble, although in Andrea's Big Moment, she acts rather cold and almost mean - that coldness was a result of pressure. She gave Andrea a second chance when she couldn't sing on the Heartlake talent competition (in said episode) at first. In the webisodes she is more of a friend to the girls, and does not care for all the attention and fame. Livi wrote some of the songs played in the episodes, including Right Where I Belong. She has a pet dalmatian that she has had since she was small named Cookie.

Although being a popstar was her dream come true, she's not sure if it's as amazing as she thought. In Girlz 4 Life Livi says that she "can't even go for an ice cream without attention". She misses shopping with friends and "things which normal girls do".

Fun Facts Edit

  • Her real name is Moonbeam Blossom.
  • She dyed her hair pink as a memory of her parents' sweet shop.
  • Her manager was Tanya's older sister, Megan Boutaire, who got fired.
  • She is the only LEGO Friends character who has violet eyes and the blue stars on her face.
  • Cookie, her pet dog, has lavender eyes and one of his spots is shaped like a musical note.
  • She regularly wears tube top dresses, unlike others, who only wear it once in a while.
  • Her favorite hobby is gardening, although she doesn't get to do it often due to her music career taking up most of her free time due to touring keeping her away from her home garden.

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Episodes Edit


  • Life of Livi - Season 2 Episode 20
  • A Bubbly Personality
  • A Studio of Fun 
  • Superstar Quiz
  • Skater Dogs
  • A Friendly New Year - Season 2 Episode 53