"Be brave, be yourself, and show the world who you are."

Livi is a minor character of LEGO Friends. She was introduced in 2015.


She is a pop star whom all the Friends admire, especially Andrea. Livi is mostly friendly and humble, although in Andrea's Big Moment, she acts rather cold and almost mean - that coldness was a result of pressure. She gave Andrea second chance when she couldn't sing on the Heartlake talent competition (in the said episode) at first. In the webisodes she is more as a friend to the girls, and does not care for all the attention and fame. She wrote some of the songs played in the episodes, including Right Where I Belong. She has a pet dalmatian that she has had since she was small named Cookie.

Although being a popstar was her dream come true, she's not sure if it's as amazing as she thought. In Girlz 4 Life she says that she "can't even go for an ice cream without attention". She misses shopping with friends and "things which normal girls do".

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her real name is Moonbeam Blossom.
  • Her pink hair are memory of her parents' sweet shop.
  • Her manager was Tanya's older sister, Megan Boutaire, who got fired.
  • She is the only LEGO Friends character who has violet eyes and also the blue stars on her face.
  • Cookie, her pet dog, has lavender eyes and one of his spots is shaped like a musical note.
  • She regularly wears tube top kind of dresses, unlike others, who only wear it once in a while.

Appearances Edit




  • Life of Livi - Season 2 Episode 20
  • A Bubbly Personality
  • A Studio of Fun 
  • Superstar Quiz
  • Skater Dogs
  • A Friendly New Year - Season 2 Episode 53
  • First movie from Lego Friends ever - GIRLZ 4 LIFE