Laurie is a minor recurring character in Lego Friends. She is most likely a friend of Stephanie's, as she appeared in a set with Stephanie, was invited to her beach house juice party, and sounded confused when Stephanie sounded relieved about not being pranked in the way to school.


Laurie seems confused easily, because she wasn't sure why Stephanie sounded relieved about not being pranked on the way to school.


Laurie has Mia's face model, with light Amber eyes and pale freckles. Her hair is styled like Andrea's, but is a slightly different color.




A Spooky Sensation-shown standing near the back of the Grand Hotel Cafe

All We Need Is Juice-shown drinking juice on the back of Stephanie's beach house deck.

Fool me once-seen confused outside of Heartlake High with a boy.

Picture perfect-shown walking on the sidewalk at multiple points in the webisodes.


In both A Spooky Sensation and Fool me once, Laurie is shown with a boy with black hair and blue eyes. It is assumed that she and him are friends because of that.

Although it hasn't been confirmed yet, she and Stephanie are most likely friends.