Laurie is one of the many minor characters of LEGO Friends.


Laurie is most likely a friend of Stephanie's, as she appeared in a set with her, and was invited to her party at the beach house. She often appears in the webisodes alongside a boy with black hair and blue eyes, so it is presumed that the two of them are friends.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Laurie is the only character, besides Andrea, who has Andrea's 2012-2017 hair.
  • Laurie, Naya and Sandra are the only other characters, besides Mia herself, who use Mia's 2012-2017 face.

Appearances Edit

Sets Edit

Webisodes Edit

  • A Spooky Sensation (standing near the back of the Grand Hotel Cafe)
  • All We Need Is Juice (drinking juice on the back of Stephanie's beach house deck)
  • Fool me once (confused outside of Heartlake High with a boy)
  • Picture perfect (walking on the sidewalk at multiple points in the webisode)

Supposed Favourites Edit

  • Favourite colour: Pink, grey
  • Favourite food: Chocolate
  • Hobbies: Selling in the Party Shop, parties