Every Wikia site has user rights, which are special editing and moderating abilities that normal users do not have.

This wiki's user rights groups are administrator, bureaucrat, chat moderator, content moderator, discussions moderator, and rollback. For more information on these, go to this page.

To request rights, go to this thread. The admins will determine whether or not you should be given the rights.


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Purplebrick333 is a social admin and also the only active bureaucrat. She is a huge Friends fan, which is why she adopted the wiki.

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Blondwave is an editor of stuff from the LEGO Friends Character Encyclopedia. She is a big LEGO Friends fan since 2012 and loves to get to know any info about them & share it.

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LordWeirdo is LFW's tech support who tends to forget Wikia exists. In case of explosion, check his userpage for more reliable methods of contacting him.

Inactive AdminsEdit

Pastel CY - Dabom76 - HarmonySweety

Content ModeratorsEdit

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TheMime005 is a Content Moderator. She has been a fan of LEGO Friends since 2012.

Discussions ModeratorsEdit

TheMime005 is also a Discussions Moderator.

Chat ModeratorsEdit

There are currently no users in this category.