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LEGO Friends is an online web-series produced on (under and on YouTube. It features Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Stephanie and Emma, among others.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • Andrea's First Day
  • The Trapped Foal
  • Bored Beach Blues
  • Olivia's Science Show
  • The Beast From The Lagoon
  • Stop Monkeying Around
  • All We Need Is Juice
  • Speaking of Parrots
  • Nice Prank
  • Bear In Trouble
  • Drawn Together
  • A Noisy Camping Trip
  • Painting Tony
  • Jungle Cupcakes
  • What's At Heart
  • Two Jacobs

Season 2 Edit

  • I Heart Card You
  • Emma is moving part I
  • Emma is moving part II
  • What an interesting ice cream
  • Big Dreams
  • Valentine's whaaat?
  • Live from Backstage
  • Girls don't snore
  • Look high and low
  • A strong voice
  • Fool me once
  • Emma's designshow: Easter letters
  • Special Delivery
  • Making the band
  • Daa-aaad!
  • Friendship in the air
  • Our special day
  • Life of Livi
  • Bubbly personality
  • A Spooky Sensation
  • Skater dogs
  • Nate wants a date
  • Room for practice
  • Busy with dizzy
  • The great hair day
  • Picture perfect
  • Jacob sings of love
  • Not just baking
  • Oh brother, what did you do!
  • A studio of fun
  • Which star are you
  • A taste of science
  • Skunk driving
  • Letters of love
  • Guarding secrets
  • Video wonder part 1
  • Video wonder part 2
  • Just a girl
  • The costume party
  • Rushing room service
  • The tale of two parties
  • Rabbit nightmare
  • Perfectly planned pizza
  • The mystery of the missing fruit
  • Sound of the siren
  • The lost penguin
  • One man choir
  • The backside of hockey
  • Friendly new year

Season 3 Edit

  • Ya Gotta Love Heartlake City
  • Wait…Is This Like, a Date?
  • The Winners Take All
  • Stephanie the Great
  • Dare Dare
  • Not All Maps Are Honest
  • You Call That A Prank?
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • The Present That Shrank
  • At the Core of the Friendship Tree
  • Mother's Day all the Way
  • The Bus to Anywhere
  • Daily Bread
  • Uneasy Rider
  • To Beat A Cheat
  • How To Heal A Horse
  • Hot Dog Jam Time
  • Houston, We Have A Problem
  • High Hopes
  • Dog Date Afternoon
  • Friends Who Quiz
  • Beauties and the B.E.A.T.
  • Cat'astrophic Bath
  • No Fishing
  • Scary Pottery
  • Where Eagles Don't Care
  • Happy Birthday, Nate
  • Cherish Wheel
  • The Shrinking Lake
  • (and others)

Notes Edit

  • In one webisode, it was mentioned about the first episode "New Girl in Town", and how their entire friendship revolved around a mistake.
  • In Series 1, all the words in the titles are capitalised, however most are lower case in Series 2, and in Series 3 and 4 important words are capitalised, but not all.

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