The LEGO Friends are the main characters in LEGO Friends, especially the LEGO Friends webisodes. They consist of five friends: AndreaEmmaMiaOlivia and Stephanie. Though a sixth new friend has been rumored, an addition this late is unlikely.  They like science, art, karate, magic tricks, animals, and sports. The LEGO Friends go on lots of adventures and mostly spend time together.

The Friends are:

  • Mia - a social animal lover who loves sports and magic tricks
  • Andrea - a confident singer who makes up her own songs and works at a café
  • Emma - a karate-loving girl who enjoys art and fashion
  • Olivia - a science "nerd" who likes technology, nature and history, as well as inventing.
  • Stephanie - a confident natural leader who is very social and creative, also organized, and loves planning events and parties

Close to the friends but definitely not an official part of the group include:

  • Naomi - a girl who wears glasses, loves basketball, and works at the Cupcake Café. Since her introduction in 2016, she has appeared frequently in sets, webisodes, and in the new series LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship. Naomi may be added as a sixth Friend. 
  • Kate - this character has appeared in several sets, a couple webisodes, and had a major role in Kate's Island.
  • Livi - A young pop star who recently came to Heartlake City and became close to the Friends. A bit too busy with her stardom to be much involved, she mainly appears in sets and a few webisodes. She wrote many of the songs the friends sing.
  • Fiona - a girl first introduced in Dolly is the New Yellow who appears close with them in "Shhh! Did You Hear That?". She owns a horse named Dolly who appears to love Fiona's father's invented yellow food: "Soup on a Stick". Fiona is close with the group of Friends and is kind to them.

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