LEGO builders often use abbreviations for some words - official or not, it's useful to know them. To understand & use them will be your useful helper our LEGO Building Terms guide!

LEGO Friends Edit

Fans Edit

  • KFOL = Kid Fan of LEGO
  • TFOL = Teen Fan of LEGO
  • AFOL = Adult Fan of LEGO

Bricks Edit

  • MOC = My Own Creation
  • SNOT = Studs Not On Top
  • Clutch Power = The unique ability for LEGO bricks to stay connected
  • Stud = The top knobs on a LEGO brick
  • Tube = The underside receiving hole where stud connects
  • BURP = Big Ugly Rock Piece

Associations Edit

  • TLG = The LEGO Group
  • LAN = LEGO Ambassador Network
  • LUG = LEGO User Group (specific geo-location)
  • LS = LEGO Service
  • RLOC = Recognized LEGO Online Community
  • RLUG = Recognized LEGO User Group 
  • RLFM = Recognized LEGO Fan Media
  • AFOL Engagement Department = Community Engagement team for coordination of RLUGs, RLOCs, and RLFMS through the LAN

Other useful terms Edit

  • Suppposed Favourites = information about the characters/minidolls supposed or created by fans - unofficial ideas for a more diverse play
  • (J) = LEGO Friends Juniors set
  • (PP) = LEGO Promotional Polybags. They are special polybags usually given as a free gift with purchase on the LEGO Shop Online and at LEGO building events. They aren't always brick built either, and often include fabric pieces and sticker sheets.