"You did a great job today, Niki - have a tasty carrot."

Katharina is one of the many minor characters of LEGO Friends.


It's never hard to find Katharina - she spends most fo her time at Heartlake Stables. When she's not riding her horse, Niki, she helps Freya, the owner, train the other horses, or spends time with her horse-mad friend, Ella.

Katharina spends hours every day practising with Niki. Their specialities are jumping and dressage - elegant moves and fancy footwork that require a close partnership between the rider and horse.

Ella thinks Katharina needs to take time out from the stables, so she's teaching her friend how to make ceramics.

She thinks Mia is a great horse rider.

Favourite food: Lasagne, apple pie and cream

Hobbies: Horse riding, training horses

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