"I'm all set for a beach adventure!"
Kate is a recurring LEGO Friends character.


Energetic Kate is always on the move. She loves planning adventures: from climbing the highest peaks in the Clearspring Mountains, to spending a night in the creepiest part of the Whispering Woods, Kate is ready for anything.

Kate's favourite place is Ambersands Beach. She loves jet-skiing, surfing and snorkelling, often with her friend, Stephanie.

Some of Kate's schemes can be a little crazy, like the time she climbed onto the roof of a fancy restaurant in Heartlake City.

Kate is a recurring character in the sets, and has made appearances in the TV series and a few videos as well. She is friendly in the webisodes, running the Heartlake Lighthouse ice cream shop and giving tours of the lighthouse, but in the TV series she acts more shy and mysterious. She is close to the Friends but not a part of the main group.

In Kate's Island, Kate finds out that her medallion belongs to Dark-Eyed Kate, a pirate who used the island as her hideout. Kate also realizes that she is related to the pirate.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Kate's original mini-doll outfit pieces were the first appearance of those pieces.
  • Kate was the first minor character to appear in a set without any of the main five friends.
  • Chloe has read about Dark-Eyed Kate, the pirate related to Kate.

Appearances Edit





  • Look High and Low
  • The Backside of Hockey