Jungle Rescue Base is one of the sets that was released in the summer of 2014.

 This set has 473 pieces. The minidolls included are Stephanie and Andrea.


Deep in the heart of the jungle, Andrea, Stephanie, Mia, Olivia and Emma are on a mission - to help Dr Sophie rescue endangered animals. The girls are staying at a fantastic base, built amongst the trees. It has a watchtower for looking out for animals in danger and a medical centre, too.

Bamboo has been scratched by a nasty animal. Stephanie and Andrea use the Rescue Base medical equipment to clean him up and check his injuries.

Stephanie has had a radio call from Mia in the helicopter. There's a tiger in trouble! Stephanie goes down the slide to the rescue boat. Tony the chameleon is coming, too.

Being in the charge of the Rescue Base is hard work. The girls cook and eat dinner with the animals, before finally heading to bed.

Olivia is not just learning about animals at the Rescue Base, it has also given her some cool ideas for the tree house back home.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Set except Bamboo the panda and Tony also contains bunch of other animals - Java the blue macaw, Zip the frog, and Romeo the black monkey. There are also zip wire connecting the lookout and living quarters, bath hut, violet raft, rolling cart with first aid tools and other equipment.