Julian is one of the many minor characters of Friends.


Julian has lots of interests: he loves singing, acting, drawing and swimming. However, he often feels awkward in social situations and sometimes says the wrong thing. Julian's friends don't get offended though - they know that he has a kind heart!

Julian has a part-time job in the computer and toy shop at the Heartlake Shopping Mall. After work he often spends time with his friends. Today, Emma and Stephanie are helping him pick out a new skateboard.

Julian is an adventurous person and likes to explore Heartlake City in his free time.

Favourite food: Spaghetti with meatballs

Hobbies: Tennis, drawing, singing, skateboarding




  • Two Jacobs

Fun FactsEdit

  • Julian is assumed to be the lookalike Jacob in Two Jacobs, Season 1 Webisode 17. But it can be his cousin - was it ever established? He never gave his name.