"Can't stop! I'm on my way to my art classes."

Joanna is one of the many minor characters of LEGO Friends.


Joanna loves trying new hobbies, from playing computer games or studying anmals, to going camping or painting landscapes. She has a vivid imagination and takes her friends on a trips to the beach and harbour to look for arty inspiration.

Joanna helps out at the Heartlake Pet Salon. She works there with her good friend, Emma. The creative pair like to go to drawing classes together, too.

Joanna is both reliable and dependable - she never misses a shift at the Pet Salon.

Hobbies: Reading, art, dog walking, computer games

Joanna is also a friend of Olivia.


Webisodes Edit

  • A Noisy Camping Trip - Season 1 Episode 12



Profile info from the LEGO Friends Encyclopedia. Image from Bing.