Izzy is one of the many minor characters of LEGO Friends. He is yet to appear in any sets.


Izzy is Emma's younger brother who often tries tricking her and isn’t good at being secret for most of the time. He is friends with Cole, who is Olivia's younger brother. They are known best for working together to prank the Friends... But their plans always backfire. They were both introduced in 2015.

Fun Facts Edit

  • The only times Izzy appears without Cole are in the episodes Scary Pottery and Smile and Say Freeze
  • Olivia‘s dad, Peter, gave him a creative nickname - ”Izzy Squizzy”.

Appearances Edit


  • Emma is Moving Part l (cameo)
  • The Unprankables
  • Oh Brother, What Did You Do!
  • Guarding Secrets
  • You Call That a Prank?
  • High Hopes
  • Scary Pottery
  • Smile and Say Freeze!

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