Isabella is Mia's younger sister, and Isaac's twin. She is not to be mistaken for Isabella, another minor character in the show with blond hair in the style of Emma's hair and green eyes. Isabella looks similar to both Isaac and Mia, with red/auburn hair and honey/amber eyes. Like her siblings, she also has a face full of freckles.

Description Edit

Isabella is Mia's younger sister Isaac's twin. She is playful, friendly, outgoing, and a troublemaker. She and Isaac get into a lot of mischief, as they are young twins, and she loves to get into trouble. Isabella works at her hard best to be a good little sister, but can get herself into a lot of messes.

Profile Edit

Isabella is a small little twin sister and the twin of Isaac, and little sister of Mia. She is generally a good kid, but can get easily rambunctious. She is fun, fun-loving, and Mia loves her. She likes hot chocolate, and was drinking it with Isaac when the two couldn't be found in "Travel diary part 3: All eyes on the siblings". The two got their hot chocolate from Wally when Mia and the friends were babysitting them. Isabella is a wild little ball of trouble, and can get into it pretty easily. She wanted to decorate a snowboard with Isaac when Emma had them make one in "All eyes on the siblings". She, like Isaac, can drive Mia crazy. But she always learns her lesson!

Relationships Edit

Isabella is close with Mia and Isaac. She likes her cousin Stephanie as well. She is best friends with her twin brother Isaac.

Trivia Edit

  • She looks like Mia with red hair, amber eyes and freckles.