The Heartlake Vet was a set released in January of 2012.

Description Edit

The friendly, modern surgery is where Heartlake City's injured animals are taken to get well again. Animal-loving Mia volunteers here, helping Dr Sophie, the veterinarian, in her spare time.

Sophie weighs all the animals regularly. They need to be fed a balanced diet to keep them fit, healthy and happy.

When Sophie and Mia aren't treating animals, they book appointments and give advice over the phone.

All kinds of animals are treated at the surgery. Large animals rest in a recovery stall, while smaller animals are looked after in the caged area next door.

Sophie, the vet, loves all animals, but her favourite animals are dogs.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Set also contains Scarlett, Olivia's puppy, Bella, Mia's horse, Oscar the hedgehog, the postbox and the rescue trolley.
  • This set is the first one which includes the medical equipment.
  • This is one of the only sets which is made exactly like in the episodes (see New Girl in Town)
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