Heartlake Flying Club is a set released in the summer of 2012. It is now retired.


Head for the sunny skies of Heartlake City with Stephanie's seaplane!

Soar the sunny Heartlake skies with Stephanie! Find sky-high adventure at the Heartlake Flying Club where she takes flying lessons. Now that she has some experience, Stephanie can even fly all by herself. With a map to find her way around and a life preserver for safety, Stephanie can practice piloting her very own seaplane and earn her diploma!

Includes Stephanie mini-doll figure.

Possibilities Edit

  • Features a waterside hut and pier
  • Accessories include a map, diploma, pink life preserver brick, bird, crab and telescope
  • Practice flying and earn a pilot's diploma!
  • Spin the propellers!
  • Look through the telescope to find your destination!
  • Rebuild and create new ways to play!

LFChE Edit

Energetic Stephanie likes a challenge. She thought learning to fly would be exciting, so she joined the Heartlake Flying Club. Now she's earned her pilot's licence, the sky's the limit for Stephanie! 

Before Stephanie gets into her plane, she uses her map and telescope to plan her route carefully. 

Every pilot must record their flight details at the club house. Stephanie has done her flight plan and is good to go! 

Stephanie flies a seaplane, which can take off, land and float on water. 

Fun Facts Edit

  • Stephanie is the newest and the youngest member of the Heartlake Flying Club.