Heart Beat is the name of the band The Friends have. The roles in the band are below:

  • Andrea is the lead singer.
  • Stephanie is the lead guitarist.
  • Emma is the second guitarist.
  • Mia is the drummer.
  • Olivia is the keyboardist, and also does recording.

The girls often sing backup for Andrea.

Their band has been involved in a few webisodes and in the movie. They practice and record in an empty storage room in Heartlake High.

Songs Recorded/Performed by Heart BeatEdit

  • Together
  • Girlz

Rival BandsEdit

  • Dream Boyz - after Matthew being the head guitarist for Heart Beat didn't work out, he started his own band with AndrewJacob, and Noah. Though not truly rivals, the boys have taken in a good deal of fans.
  • The Teardrops - A rival simply because Tanya leads it. She has her two best friends with her in the band. The one named Zoe does the drums. It is not known how popular they are.

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