"Fantastic! It's starting to snow!"

Ewa is one of the many minor characters of LEGO Friends.

Profile Edit

Music-loving Ewa has been playing the cello for five years. She practises every day and often performs with the Heartlake Youth Orchestra (HYO). Despite her busy schedule, Ewa loves to take time off in the holidays to have fun with her friends.

Ewa is friends with Stephanie and Mia. Stephanie used to play violin for the HYO, where she met Ewa. Mia thinks Ewa would be great in the band she is setting up.

Ewa has a secret passion for computer games. She loves role-playing games and plays with friends all over the world.

Favourite food: Mexican food, especially tacos

Hobbies: Playing the cello, sledding, chess

Fun Facts Edit

  • Ewa's torso is unique to her.



Webisodes Edit

  • Emma's Design Show

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