Emma is part of the LEGO Friends franchise. She is one of the five main characters of the theme. This version of the character last appeared in 2017.

Profile Edit

Emma is sweet and happy, but can be scared quite easily. She is very creative and loves to draw, do crafts, and design clothes and jewelry. She has a grey cat named Chico.


Emma has four best friends: Olivia, Stephanie, Mia and Andrea.

Emma's secret crush is Matthew, and he secretly likes her. Their romance has been developed a little.

Fun Facts Edit

  • It is quite possible that Emma was named after a Scala character of the same name. Scala was a predecessor to Friends, however, the theme ended in 2001.
  • Emma's middle name is Louise.
  • Emma's hair piece is also used by Chloe.
  • Three characters, besides Emma herself, use Emma's head piece: ChristinaIsabella and Iva.
  • In the LEGO Disney Princess theme Rapunzel and Alana, Ariel's sister, use Emma's head piece. Although Rapunzel only used it in 2014.



Polybags Edit

  • Cupcake Stall (30396)
  • Pool Foam Slide (30401)

Pods Edit

  • Ski Pod (5004920)


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