Emma's Horse Trailer is a set released in the summer of 2012. It is now retired.


Win a prize ribbon at the horse show!

Emma and her horse, Robin, are getting ready for the big show. Put Emma in the saddle and practice jumping! Then groom Robin with brushes, combs and accessories to make sure that he'll shine like a star. Load him into Emma's Horse Trailer and drive to the competition with the truck. With Emma's help and lots of practice, Robin is sure to win the top prize!

Includes Emma minidoll figure.

Possibilities Edit

  • Features truck with horse trailer, staging area and practice jump.
  • Animals include Emma's white horse Robin.
  • Accessories include saddle, bridle, apple, carrot and an animal accessory set with brushes, comb, bows, hairspray, soap and prize ribbons.
  • Load Robin into horse trailer and get to the show!
  • Prepare for the competition with the saddle and practice jump!
  • Open and close the horse trailer with the hinged door!

LFChE Edit

Although Emma's passion is for design, she thinks horses are thrilling too. She travels to show jumping competitions with her horse, Robin, and, of course, they always go in style. Their truck and trailer are the prettiest on the road!

Emma loves riding Robin, but she also likes plaiting his hair in cool ways to create new styles.

Emma always keeps a fresh supply of snacks for Robin, but Robin prefers to eat the flowers!

Robin likes being led into his luxurious trailer after shows. It's so comfortable, and he loves to feel the wind through the open window.

Emma painted the horse and butterfly design on the side of the trailer.