Emma is a part of the LEGO Friends franchise. She is one of the five main characters of the theme.

Official Bio

Meet Emma.

Emma is an artist. She can't go anywhere without drawing, painting, or photographing all the beautiful things she sees. She has the quirkiest brain: she can imagine and create things no one else can. She loves telling jokes, even if no one else gets them. She really wants to keep secrets but it's just SO HARD! She trusts the best in everyone, even if they don't always deserve it.

Loves: Art, drawing, having fun, seeing the world through crazy, homemade glasses, starting new creative projects.

Not so crazy about: finishing creative projects, deciding which idea to go with or keeping track of time.

Fun Facts

  • It is quite possible that Emma was named after a Scala character of the same name. Scala was a predecessor to Friends, however, the theme ended in 2001.
  • Emma's favorite food is probably cheese, as she keeps mentioning it in "Welcome to Heartlake City".
  • The Friends sometimes call Emma Em.
  • Emma is likely a Jeremy Door fan as she has two tickets to his concert in her bedroom and also hangs up a poster of him in "Match Made in the Studio".
  • Emma has a pet - Chico the cat.






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