"Come to the bakery for some tasty treats!"

Profile Edit

Danielle's family own the Downtown Bakery and she has helped out there ever since she was old enough to hold a mixing spoon. These days Danielle prefers playing volleyball to baking bread, but she hasn't told her parents. Danielle thinks that Mia is really cool. When she heard that her friend needed a part-time job, she got her one at the Bakery. Unfortunately, Mia isn't a natural baker. Danielle is the twin sister of Olivia and doesn't get seen much in the show with her!

Danielle would love to go horse riding with Mia, but she has been too shy to ask. She will work up the courage one day!

Favourite colour: Lilac

Facial: Few freckles

Favourite food: Cakes, cookies and pies

Hobbies: Baking and volleyball

Favourite animal: Bella, Mia's horse

She has blond curly hair and brown eyes.


Similar CharactersEdit

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