City Park Café was a set released in January 2012. It is now retired.


Everyone knows where to go to get the tastiest pies, the frothiest milkshakes and the yummiest fruit salads - the City Park Café. Located right by Lake Heart, it's the perfect spot to meet friends and enjoy Marie's delicious, homemade food.

Marie works hard all day at the City Park Café, baking, waiting tables and washing the dirty dishes.

Marie likes the Café to look welcoming. Every night she sweeps the floor, wipes the tables and leaves everything spotlessly clean.

Luckily, Marie has a helper - Andrea. Andrea loves her part-time job at the Café, especially when Marie lets her sing for the customers!

Top secret: Sometimes Marie has to ring the bell on the counter, just to remind her chatty waitress, Andrea, that there is food to be served!

Fun FactsEdit

  • Cupcakes are one of Marie's specialities.
  • Marie turns off the bright lights when she shuts the Café for the day.

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