Chloe is one of the many minor characters of LEGO Friends.

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Chloe is Mia's childhood friend. She is president of the Heartlake High Archaeology Club. She has a passion for history and loves to explore the ancient ruins around Heartlake City, looking for interesting artifacts.

When Chloe found a dusty treasure map in her grandmother's attic, she set off on a thrilling adventure with Mia. They built a raft and found a cave with some dazzling jewels inside!

Chloe loves to read books about Dark-Eyed Kate, a legendary pirate who once sailed the seas near Heartlake Harbour.

Favourite food: Roast beef, toasted marshmallows

Hobbies: Archaeology, reading, ballroom dancing

Fun Facts Edit

  • Even though Chloe clearly has black hair the LEGO Friends Character Encyclopedia lists her hair colour as dark brown.

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  • DK LEGO Friends BrickMaster

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