• Lily888812

    About Me

    April 14, 2017 by Lily888812

    I am a smart, creative. I love drawing too.

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  • LordWeirdo

    Okay, sonnies, I just returned from an extended hiatus, and Purplebrick is having trouble staying active. In an effort to clean up this mess, the wiki is now under martial law.

    Okay, no.

    We are, however, desperately behind in wiki upkeep, and your help is very much appreciated. Please report the following where you see it:

    • Spam
    • Vandalism
    • Fake news and alternative facts
    • Strong language
    • Trolling

    Keep in mind that while I will mostly be enforcing Purple's zero-tolerance policy, I have lower standards than she does, so some things I may let slide.

    I will be systematically going through new edits and conversation hotbeds, but I have other wikis and a life to attend to as well, so it will be a somewhat long process.

    --Grandpa (yell at me) 02:37, March 23, …

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  • Purplebrick333

    .*Appears in cloud of purple sparkles*

    Hey guys! I notice that a lot of editing has been going on lately. That's great, but I notice a lot of edits by the same users on the same articles. Editing so many times on the same article is wasteful and time consuming. Why not get it all done in one edit? That will make it easier for you and me!

    So how do you make the most of your edits, and be the best editor you can be? I have some tips below:

    • Get it all done. When editing (or creating) a page, put all the information that is missing and you think needs to be there. If it lacks images and an infobox, it probably needs them.
    • Don't just put anything. Only put information you are sure is true. Remember others are reading these articles, and you don't wa…
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  • LordWeirdo

    'Ello sonnies...this is Weirdo--aka Grandpa--your local tech support, with an important LFW announcement that nobody will read. C:

    Tonight, I have literally spent two and a half hours creating Project Fanfiction, our newest effort at making the LEGO Friends Wiki the Web's best hangout for Friends fans. Now if you're like me, you probably hate yourself often aren't satisfied to just be a spectator of your fandom. You want to get involved--write stories, create OCs (Original Characters), roleplay, et cetera.

    Project Fanfiction aims to assist you in this quest. Starting January 23 (UTC), you will be able to unleash your writing powers upon the world. Whether you want to write "Mia's Day Off" or "Call of Duty: Friends Ops III", it's just a click awa…

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  • Purplebrick333

    (Explosion of purple sparkles) Hey guys! The title says all. This wiki is a bit messy, have you noticed? Poor pages, bad comments, overused categories... The list goes on! That's why I need your help to make this wiki free of unwanted material!

    So, I want you guys to remove as much defective stuff as you can, and report to me in this blog post or on my wall about what you can't fix. The stuff I want gone includes:

    • Information on fanon characters, characters that we don't know enough about to give any real info on, and such.
    • Spam, troll, and inappropriate comments on any and all article talk pages.
    • Irrelevant and useless categories. Also tell me if you think a category is overused.

    If there is something that looks questionable but you're not sure …

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  • Darth henry

    Favourite Friend

    March 14, 2012 by Darth henry
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