"This new strawberry milkshake recipe is your best yet, Marie!"
"Music puts life in full color!"
"I've got a song in my heart!"
"Music moves me, literally!"
"Dance, sing and love your way through life!"
"The things I build are unique, just like me!"
"Life's a stage!"
"Do you want to hear my new song, Jazz?"
"I've got a great idea for a song."
"Well, that was a fun adventure!"
Andrea is part of the LEGO Friends franchise. She is one of the five main characters of the theme. This version of the character last appeared in 2015.

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Andrea is a born performer and dreams of becoming a singing superstar. She knows it will take hard work, as well as talent, so Andrea practises every day and saves the wages from her part-time job at the City Park Café to buy sparkly stage outfits.

Andrea is a talented dancer and actor, but singing is her passion. She writes all her own songs and loves to perform them - on stage, at school, or just into a ketchup bottle at the City Park Café.

Andrea also loves ice cream.

Andrea writes a blog, Andrea's Alley, in which she shares her thoughts with online friends all around the world.

Favourite food: Marie's crepes and milkshakes at the City Park Café

Hobbies: Performing, composing, blogging, camping, football

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  • Beach (30100)
  • Birthday Party (30107)
  • Andrea's Beach Lounge (30114)
  • Pop Star Red Carpet (30205)

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